The 36 dramatic situations - ebook

The 36 dramatic situations - ebook

George Polti

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In 1895, the Frenchman Georges Polti developed a theory according to which theatrical dramaturgy infinitely declines a finite number of 36 dramatic situations. Either by bringing them up to date, or by combining them.

This book by Georges Polti presents thirty-six dramatic situations with, for each one, the roles or “indispensable dynamic elements” that it implies. So for example, the Implore situation calls for a Persecutor, a Supplicant, and an Undecided Power. The Situations are then detailed in nuances (“Fugitives imploring a powerful against their enemies”), and for each nuance are given examples in the theater of all times and all continents, tales, novels or real life.

For it is human emotions and passions, which have hardly changed since antiquity, that emerge from Polti's book. Passions that we find today both in the narrative writing of novels and in that of the screenplay.

A detailed book that can benefit any author or screenwriter.

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