Transforming my negative thoughts to finally see the bright side of life - paper

Transforming my negative thoughts to finally see the bright side of life - paper

I reprogram my brain with the power of daily gratitude

Julie Pacific Warrior

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Are you tired of brooding, standing still, seeing things from a negative angle? Do you feel like you were born to fail and be unhappy?

It's time to change your perspective and transform your life, starting with your negative thoughts. Because the solution is not outside of you, it is within you. And it is not that difficult to apply. It's about freeing yourself from negative thoughts and reprogramming your brain to finally see life in a good light.

After Transforming your life, 19 ways to improve my relationships, free myself from my negative thoughts and realize my dreams , Julie Guerrière Pacifique devotes this book entirely to changing your state of mind, which allows you to say goodbye to thoughts. negative.

In 8 practical steps, you will discover the keys that will allow you to finally move in the right direction and change your habits to achieve your life goals.

If you want to change your life, you have to change something in you, it's the first step, and the most essential. There's no reason to hope that the actions and mindset that got you where you are today can take you anywhere else. If you continue to have negative thoughts, you will continue to create your own unhappiness.

Change your mindset, and you will change your life. You will shape the reality you actually desire, instead of perceiving a dark and depressing reality.

Through 9 keys, which you will evaluate and put into practice, you will do the great cleaning of negative thoughts, and gradually replace them with positive thoughts of joy, gratitude and celebration, which will define your new way of life.

Accompanied by exercises and moments of reflection, this book will allow you to directly put into practice what you learn and change your life today to make it better. Knowing is not enough, you also and above all have to practice.

Because everyone deserves to have a life that meets their aspirations and allows them to achieve positive, exciting, energizing things. This future is smiling at you, and it is waiting for you to come true.