Be optimistic and be confident in yourself - ebook

Be optimistic and be confident in yourself - ebook

Doctor Victor Pauchet

Positive Club
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Optimism, good humor, joie de vivre must constitute your permanent state of mind.

These feelings, if the soul is healthy and the health normal, must persist in you especially during critical periods – in times of crisis – when humans lament the harshness of existence.

You have to tell yourself that if you can't often act against the circumstances, you can do something about them.

But how to be optimistic, you will say to me, when everything is going badly?

Well ! precisely, to have an optimistic attitude, in the way we understand it, is to have arrived at a positive state of mind, always ready to resist, ready to see what is good in the worst conjunctures, to welcome events with the intention of making the most of them. You will immediately manage to acquire such a state of mind. And with will, patience and energy, you will achieve anything.

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