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Positive Club Magical Stories - ebook

Positive Club Magical Stories - ebook

de Christian H. Godfrey

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Here is the key to your success:


Whether it's your job, your business, your love life -- your relationships with others or your health -- one key factor determines your success:


Discover how to mobilize the 90% of mental reserves that you don't use and that make all the difference.


Reading "Magical Stories of Club-Positive". Better than a book -- a real manual for your subconscious.

Through stories that trigger liberating emotions, insights, and insightful commentary of wisdom and revelations, you will discover:

  • The Secret Cause of Lack of Self-Confidence - PAGE 7
  • What keeps most people from succeeding in love, achieving financial independence or achieving their dreams - PAGE 6
  • How to get over bad news - PAGE 7
  • The origin of our complexes - and how to get rid of them for good - PAGE 8
  • What those who attract bad luck and misfortune do - and how to avoid it - PAGE 10
  • How to receive more gifts - and more gifts from life - PAGE 14
  • How to Feel Good at Will - PAGE 21
  • How to be LUCKY - PAGE 26
  • How to criticize someone without hurting them - PAGE 29
  • What happens to you every time you feel bad - and how to avoid it - PAGE 32
  • How to win in any conflict - without having to fight - PAGE 32
  • How to recover 10 times what you invest, both in energy and in love - PAGE 35
  • How to find time to do the things that are important to you - PAGE 43
  • How to Help Change Someone You Love - PAGE 46
  • An easy exercise that will reveal the hidden side of your personality - PAGE 52
  • How to bounce back from failure - PAGE 54
  • How to turn problems into opportunities - PAGE 55
  • How to never be touched by gossip and negative criticism - PAGE 58
  • How to simplify your life and be happier - PAGE 62
  • How to enjoy your job more - PAGE 67
  • How to get raises and feel proud of yourself - PAGE 66
  • How to solve ANY problem, even if it seems insoluble at first glance - PAGE 69
  • The secret to not feeling ridiculous when you need all your strength - PAGE 89
  • How to Avoid Triggering Drama That Can Backfire - PAGE 90
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Not Measuring Up - PAGE 92
  • The best ways to feel happier with each passing day - PAGE 96
  • How to "reprogram" your brain to get rid of the behaviors you don't like about yourself - PAGE 97
  • How to get what you want from others - with respect for everyone - PAGE 102
  • A trick to feeling good about yourself almost instantly - PAGE 114

This book is like no other. It is made for you and speaks to you about you. It shows you that you are only using a tiny part of your potential and how to awaken your inner genius. Order it now.

You, like any human being, have dreams. You see yourself succeeding beyond hope, imagining a better, fuller life for you and yours. These dreams, with the book, will not be for 10 or 20 years from now, but for now! You read that right: as soon as you ask "Magical Stories of Club-Positive", a process will arise within you that will set you on the path to success.

See what early readers are saying:

This book is a goldmine. Philip D.

"This collection is a treasure of light. You can read it and reread it with ever more happiness. Yes, it's magic. The effect of these stories on the mind is felt right away: We are happy to LIVE. " Nabil C.

"It's Magical in your physical realization of your book, but it's subtly dazzling in the emotional resonance your texts have on me." Peter D.

"Dear Monsieur Godefroy. I LOVED your book Histoiresmagiques du Club Positif. I loved first and foremost the dreamy cover page, and then these seemingly simple stories contain deep lessons that, alas, we forget too much often. Not only does this book make us think, but it also makes us ACT. Its only flaw, it seems to me, is...not being written by me!" Marc Fisher, author of The Millionaire.

"This book is a remedy to erase the imperfections of our daily life. It gives us the "punch" to climb mountains and puts bubbles in our hearts..." Nadine P.

"These positive thoughts have comforted me, freed me from my dark thoughts. A new energy lifts me. I feel ready to solve each of these problems that I thought were insurmountable. What else to say, except THANK YOU." Christian G. - Stop enuresis method

"Frankly, it gives a punch! It restores confidence! It takes our potential out of its torpor, pulls it out of bed a little, and shows us a little of the world once awake! It's full of common sense, and the reflection that follow each text is really well done! Really great!" John Jacques

"After reading it last night, when I usually wake up hard, I woke up happy, full of ideas and in great shape." Peter A.

"I enjoyed reading your book on personal development, and I must tell you that it's wonderful what he taught me on this subject which interests me very much. What this book has still given in addition to joy, happiness and in addition a found inner peace." Danielle V.

"I devoured the book yesterday afternoon. It's true that it is REALLY good!!" Christine G.

"During the three hours of reading, I physically recharged myself with positive forces in the same way as when I do my meditation exercises. (or Prayers) The power of words and the images they create. This book is the culmination of all the books I've read on the subject so far." Aleksander K.

"From the first lines, I was captivated as it is so dazzlingly true, I very quickly understood that I could progress quickly in my everyday life, and much more afterwards. I find strong emotions and very pleasant, a great confidence in me (...) This book takes you by the hand and takes you where you want to go. More love? More money? More self-confidence? More luck and opportunities? This book is unlike anything I've read so far." Patrick T.

"I find it to be a rich source of positive metaphors that lead to a NEW, DIFFERENT outlook on life and the possibility of having a new, different attitude to events. These stories are full of humor and common sense, they help me in my personal development." Marie-Paule R.

"A book like this, with all it contains I devour it and read it over and over. Everything
they want to succeed in their lives should read this e-book." Mikael M.

"Your e-book is like the necessary fertilizer to use to energize his brain and help him stay optimistic. Reading your e-book is like taking a rejuvenating vitamin treatment." Serge

Get "Positive Club-Positive Stories". This book-tool, written by the founder of Club-Positif, author of "La Dynamique Mentale" (Laffont, 1975) and numerous books on personal development, Christian Godefroy, will be your bedside book.

But there is more.

As soon as you have paid for this book and it will be in your possession, you will have the right to resell it, to give it away, to offer it as a bonus, to put it on your site. It will be as if you were the one who wrote it. You can thus contribute to making our world more positive and more enterprising. Happier.

To change the world, you have to start by... changing yourself. Don't procrastinate.

"Inner strength, the awakening of our dormant faculties, creative energy are at the origin of all great human progress".

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