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Achieve your goals - paper

Achieve your goals - paper

de David Célestin

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Make your life a dream, not dream your life. Go from a vague desire to the concrete realization of what is really important to you. Stop stopping at good resolutions to finally make real changes and immediate action.

If you do nothing today to change things in the direction you want, do you believe that the position of the stars, the pattern of the tides, or a holy spirit will change the outer circumstances for you? Do you believe in fairies and elves?

Every day your life changes. But are you an actor of this change, do you decide on the objectives you pursue or are you content to see the landscape pass before your eyes?

With this book, David Célestin allows you to reflect concretely and practically on the nature of your goals and on the way to really get closer to them, day after day. Filled with practical exercises, it teaches you to practice inner change that allows you to take control of your destiny instead of letting events or others decide for you.

Knowing how to change your life and achieve your goals is of no use if you don't practice those changes, and you don't really get closer to those goals. In the same way that knowing how to read or add is useless if you don't do it, don't practice it. In "Achieving your goals" you immediately take action and you begin to make this change as soon as you read it, which will really make you alive and change your being forever to make you the person you unconsciously dream of becoming.

If today, you are not or do not have what you desire, it is your fault. It's because something inside you is preventing you from getting what you want. Your life depends only on you, and this book will help you take control over external circumstances by changing what is inside you...

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