Scientific advertising - ebook

Scientific advertising - ebook

Claude C. Hopkins

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“No one should be allowed to do anything in advertising until they have read this book at least seven times. It truly changed my life.”
David Ogilvy

A reference book on advertising. In fact one of the most important books on advertising. Why isn't it on the business school curriculum? This book is a sales course, probably the first sales book to read to understand the mechanisms of sales, know who to contact, how to address these prospects, how to really measure the return on investment of advertising, how to give information to drive sales.

It is both a course on mail order, on catchphrases, on gifts and samples, on business strategy. It's a sales bible, because an advertisement is your number one salesperson.

And in profane terms accessible to the greatest number.

Why is this book essential?

It was written in the days before four-color printing, a time when advertising was made up of words, phrases, catchphrases. And it lays the foundation for text-based advertising.

This is a situation you find today in internet advertising, which started with banners but has essentially reverted to teaser-based advertising. To advertise on Google Adwords or Bing, even Facebook, is to apply the principles of this seminal book.

Today's tools and advertiser will benefit from reading this book and its principles. Don't miss it.

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