May 2022 releases

We're going to cheat a little by talking about the releases of May but also of March and April ;-) The schedule was loaded and I myself had trouble keeping up.

Here is the list of new books published since the beginning of March 2022, which you can find on Amazon or order from all good booksellers with the corresponding ISBN code.

Better understand body language

Michael Curtis and Robert Denryck


ISBN: 9782383040538

Chrono Slimming

Marie Lecardonnel


ISBN 9782383040460

Healing with Integral Self-Hypnosis

Dominique Sauvin


ISBN 9782383040545

How to heal easily with reflexology

David Celestin


ISBN 9782383040569

Live in the moment

Thomas Pinget


ISBN 9782383040552

The great detox cure

Claire Vital


ISBN 9782383040590

Gëorgia Knap Integral Health and Rejuvenation Program

Luc Denryck


ISBN 9782383040583

Be healthy with micronutrition and nutritherapy

Marie Lecardonnel


ISBN 9782383040613

We will soon meet again with new releases, to avoid making a list that is too long and to be able to talk more about new releases.

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