Two new books to discover in November

This month, we mainly release two new books, on November 21st.

The first, How to Structure Your Best-Selling Novels by Fred Godefroy, is the logical follow-up to Fred Godefroy's previous books on the techniques and art of storytelling for writers and novelists. As you will have understood, this one focuses entirely on questions of the structure of novels, exploring the functioning of the monomyth through numerous examples from genre literature and cinema.

This book is available in the shop in paperback and ebook formats (pdf and ePub) from 11/21. The audio book version will be released shortly on the website and on the various publishing platforms.

It is also available in bookstores on order in paper version, with the ISBN reference 979-10-359-3151-3.

The second book is a personal development book published under the Club Positif brand, Transforming my negative thoughts to finally see life on the bright side . This is Julie Guerrière Pacifique's second book after Transforming your life , which has already been successfully received by readers.

Once again in this book, it is a question of giving the keys and the methods necessary to change one's state of mind and improve one's life by changing the way in which one perceives one's reality. It's also about creating better lifestyle habits to say goodbye to those negative thoughts that only hold us back and sink us.

This book is available in paper and digital book formats directly on the shop. It is also available to order in bookstores with the ISBN reference 979-10-359-3653-2. The audio book version will also be released in the next few weeks, both on the site and on digital audio playback platforms.

We also take advantage of the fact of not seeing anyone, of not going to a restaurant, of not being able to go for a long walk to update a certain number of titles already published or to offer paper versions of books which were not available only in ebook or only in certain shops.

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